What is Covidhagen?

Covidhagen 24-hour livestream is a festival broadcasted from the top of The Royal Operahouse in Copenhagen. The purpose of the festival is to celebrate the Danish community and Denmark in general, in a time where social distancing and a global pandemic is a reality.


After the government implemented the regulations on the 18th of March 2020, the entertainment industry has been bleeding economically. Workers in the industry – music artists, bookers, festival organizations, sound- and light-technicians and other roles related to the festival-, concert- and entertainment-industry – have been missing an income due to these regulations. 

Therefore, the organization behind Covidhagen’s partners are all some of the country’s best in their respective fields. You’ll see the skill they all posses in the detail, quality and dedications of the 24-hour livestream as they all work to give the people of Denmark an extraordinary experience from the safety of their own homes.


All in all, you can expect a grand show with some of the country’s most beloved and well-known artist, comedians, personalities and more broadcasts directly from one of Copenhagen most iconic building – The Royal Operahouse.